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Advantages of a vertically and radially floating baffle:

Vertical and radial floating baffles are preferably used for the retention of floating material at spillways in combined sewer systems. Prevalent applications include emergency overflows on storage sewers, storm-water retention basins (SRBs), storm-water overflow basins (SOBs) and storm-water clarification basins (SCBs) and on clarification overflows on SCBs.

It was specially developed for the retention of floating material at spillways with a large overflow height and a large distance between the top of the sill and the invert in front of the sill. In this particular constellation, this form of floating baffle can initially abut the sill in exactly the same way as the radially floating baffle. As the water level rises, the baffle moves away radially from the spillway and can then rise vertically to any height as the water level rises.

The vertically and radially floating baffle is connected to the structure at both ends by a guide tube. This guide tube is bent in such a way that the baffle can float along the previously described path. The use of seals prevents contamination of the guides. Vertical and radial floating baffles are made of GRP, which has excellent floating properties.

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