The operating principle of the Aqua-Mat- H discharge control is based on the setting of a defined discharge cross-section by means of a control slide valve depending on the existing headwater level.

If the water level in front of the gate valve rises, the gate valve closes further so that the increased water pressure does not transfer a larger discharge volume to the wastewater treatment plant.

Furthermore, the Aqua-Mat-H control is programmed in such a way that an upper water level that can be preset as a setpoint is not exceeded. If the corresponding setpoint is reached, the control switches from discharge control mode to backwater target maintenance mode.

In suction target mode, enough water is always transferred to the treatment plant so that the water level limit is not exceeded.

The accuracy of the Aqua-Mat- H discharge control is essentially dependent on the knowledge of the discharge coefficient of the control valve used. Since even the major valve manufacturers hardly provide any information on this, the discharge coefficient, if still unknown, is best determined on site by means of a comparative measurement.

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