Aqua-Clean overview

Aqua-Clean overview

Our AquaClean product group offers jet cleaners for automated pool cleaning in various designs. However, the basic principle is always the same. The jet cleaner generates a water-air mixture with the help of a powerful pump, which is discharged under high pressure at the jet nozzle. During the emptying phase, the jet serves to keep contaminants in suspension and to clean the basin of dirt residues after emptying. We use our AquaClean Fix jet for narrow channels and storage channels. This beam jet is installed rigidly in one position and thus only radiates in one direction. We recommend our AquaClean 260° jet for cleaning open basins. This jet has a swivel drive and can clean a pool with its 260° swivel movement. We recommend our AquaClean Cube Jet cleaner for cleaning closed pools. This jet can perform a 360° swivel movement and simultaneously swivel the jet nozzle up or down. In this way, the AquaClean Cube jet can also be used to clean wall or ceiling surfaces of a pool.

Other products

Aqua-Clean jet Fix

Aqua-Clean jet 260°

Aqua-Clean jet cube

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