SGS Aqua
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Mat - Q



  • extremely high regulating accuracy
  • control function independent of tailwater levels
  • Structure with dry access for control purposes
  • integrated automatic blockage release (ABR) system
  • regulated flow adjustable via user interface


The flow regulator consists of the following components:

  • Electronic conrol gate valve for the adjustment of the open flow section
  • Manual gate valve for maintenance and repairs
  • MFM flow meter
  • Pipe reach for the installation of the a.m. components
  • Control cabinet to house the control componnts
  • Ultra-sonic sensor for upstream water level measurement
  • Control software to comfortably access the control functions


The working principle of the Aqua-Mat- Q flow regulator is based on setting a a gate valve to a pre-defined flow section depending on the measured flow.

If the flow increases, the gate valve closes. If the flow decreases the gate valve is opened. This way the desired regulated flow can be held constant with a simple closed loop control circuit.

Further, the controls of the Aqua-Mat- Q are programmed to not exceed a set upstream water level. If this max. water level is reached, the control swithes from flow regulating mode to water level regulating mode.

In the water level regulating mode the gate valve opens to release just enough water to the treatment plant to hold the max. water level. For this function an additional US-sensor to measure the upstream water level is necessary.

The accuracy of the Aqua-Mat- Q flow regulator does not depend on the knowledge of the flow coefficient of the gate vavle, since it does not regulate based on the disturbance variable but based on the result. Therefore, this is one of the most accurate flow regulators available today.

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