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We offer a wide variety of services. Facilities of the water and waste water industries consist of complex systems. These systems sometimes seam trivial and are often underestimated in their complexity. It is therefore very important to know the effects of each individual product and system on the entire facility.

Consulting service
Therefore, we offer consulting service for all of our products. Hereby we work with operators, engineers and municipalities together in order to analyse and report the effects of our products on the entire system. Without additional costs we offer technical feasibility analysis and hydraulic layout and sizing of our products. We generate the characteristic curve for each product and size it for your individual project.

Engineering services
If desired we further offer for valuable consideration engineering service like the design of entire systems with hydrological and hydraulic calculations. Here we act as the extended arm of the consulting engineer and can add our expert knowledge to your project.

Maintenance and repair works
We offer maintenance contracts for all of our products that go far beyond the regular warranty. We inspect the proper function of facilities after storm events that exceeded the design event. With our long standing experience and our expert eye we recognize the smallest structural damages on FRP components. We can repair these damages directly onsite during the inspection. If desired we perform regular maintenance tasks like greasing, oil change, exchange of seals, etc. for you. A detailed record of each performed maintenance is naturally included in our fixed fee.

We love to put our expert knowledge to use for you. Let us help you recognize the effects of each individual component to the system as a whole. This way, together we will find the ideal solution for your project. We are looking forward to your challenges.

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