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Our products distinguish semselves through their low maintenance, non corrosive construction. Due to the use of the materials like FRP our products can be flexibly adjusted onsite beyond their standard design to perfectly meet local constrains.

Aqua-Flush – Cleaning System
Flush cleaning is the oldest, most economical and still effective method for contaminant and debris removal in sewers and stormwater storage structures. Settled solids are remobilized and transported in flush waves to the discharge sump or along the sewer pipe. Tipping buckets, Flushing Gates, Flushing Sluices or Flushing Locks can temporarily hold and suddenly release the flushing water and clean the sewer or storage structure through wave action. Flushing devices eliminate the need for high pressure and manual cleaning. Utilize automatic SewerFlushGates to continuously clean combined sewers and avoid build up and heavily contaminated first flush events.

Aquaskim - Baffles
Floatable solids are the hardest to handle and most noticeable CSO contaminant. Floating AquaSkim Underflow Baffles ensure total retention of floatable solids. In systems with highly variable water levels fixed underflow baffles will not retain floatables that will accumulate directly in front of the overflow crest. Radially or vertically floating AquaSkim baffles completely close the gap between overflow crest and baffle until rising water levels carry the baffle to its final floating position. This ensures that no floatables leave the system during overflow events.

Aqua-Gate - Weirs
AquaGate Float Weirs are mechanical water level regulators that hold the design water level constant and utilize the max. available system storage volume. The gate stays closed until the design flow at an overflow structure is reached. The gate only opens when the design flow is exceeded. The AquaGate Float Weir opens proportionally to the varying excess flow. Therefore, the storage capacity of the entire system is utilized to the fullest and only the min. sewage volume necessary is released into the receiving water. The AquaGate Float Weir is completely self powered and does not require any external energy source. Therefore, making it the ideal tool at remote locations to minimize overflow events. Float Weirs are used in any application with overflow weirs, like i.e. hydro-electric power plants, fresh water reservoirs, flood control dams, UV disinfection channels, etc. With over 500 installations world wide, float weirs are the most reliable, accurate and thus successful water level regulators available today.

AquaFlap – Non Return Valves
Flap Gates offer protection against unwanted backcharging during backwater and flood events. AquaFlap non return gates operate like check valves for any outlet (CSO, SSO, storage structure, etc.) with backwater potential. Floating flap gates offer backwater protection without blocking the outflow during low tailwater events.

Aqua-Mat – Flow Regulators
During rain events flows increase above the capacity level of waste water treatment plants. At CSOs and CSO storage structures flows are regulated and limited to not exceed the design flows. AquaMat flow regulators are the most accurate and reliable regulators available today. We offer electromechanical, mechanical and vortex regulators. We use standard penstocks, gate valves and flow measuring devices to control the aperture of the opening utilizing proprietary software to maintain constant flows.

Aqua-Screen - CSO Screen
The AquaScreen deflection fine screen retains solids inside the sewer system, so contaminants are conveyed to the treatment plant to receive proper treatment. The Aqua Screen is installed either vertically on top or horizontally in front of the weir crest. During overflow events the overflowing sewage is filtered of coarse, fine and floating solids to prevent any carryover. Hydraulically operated cleaning systems clear the open area to ensure hydraulic sufficiency of the screen. The cleaning regimen is controlled by upstream water levels. In order to form a proper filter mat in front of the screen, the cleaning frequency is variable. We offer perforated screens with 4 mm perf. and bar screens with the bar spacing being flexible with standard spacings of 4 and 6 mm.

Aqua-Dec – Klärüberläufe
SGS hat geregelte Klärüberlaufsysteme entwickelt mit denen der Abfluß am Klärüberlauf selbst bei schwankenden Wasserspiegeln absolut konstant bleibt. Hierbei kann sowohl auf gesteuerte, fremdangetriebenen Überfallschwellen als auch auf aufschwimmende, vollkommen fremdenergiefreie Klärüberlaufrinnen oder auch auf vollkommen fremdenergiefreie und wartungsarme Klärüberlauf-Heber zurückgegriffen werden. Wir bieten Ihnen für jeden Anwendungsfall das passende Klärüberlaufsystem.

Aqua-Mes – Flow Measuring Systems
Systems for flow measurement and logging especially at overflows and outlet channels of varying geometric shapes. Our flow measuring systems not only utilize common principles like Venturi channels but also innovative solutions. For hard to measure combined sewage flows with high flow variation, we install systems to create a proportionality between flow and water level with calibrated overflow curves for each installation. AquaMes Measuring Systems allow the user to accurately monitor and log the flows at the outlet channels, CSO weirs, etc.


Today control tasks are standard in in the water and waste water industries. The use of modern PLC technology is best practice to control and monitor i.e. lift stations, pump stations, treatment plants, water plants, flow regulators, screening systems, cleaning systems, etc. The remote data connections RDC to transmit data to and from the SCADA system is becoming more and more important.

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