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During storm events combined sewer networks receive many times more water than during dry weather. The receiving waste water treatment plant can not handle these huge amounts of flow. In order not to discharge every bit of excess water, retention volume in for of storm water tanks and CSO tanks is being added. After the storm event has passed the stored water is slowly channeled back into the sewer network and therefore to the treatment plant. Ideally the flow to the treatment plant does not exceed a set maximum at any time.

Flow regulators are installed in order to realise this task. With varying water levels they regulate the flow to the waste water treatment plant and keep constant at the max.

The flow regulators that are available today can be grouped into electro-mechanically operated and self powered, external energy free systems. All systems operate nearly by the same principle. A constantly adjusted flow resisting mechanism regulates the flow either directly or indirectly proportional to a control water level.

Further we separate open and closed loop control systems. A closed loop flow regulator always has the advantage that it is based on a closed loop between the result "regulated flow" and the respective control parameter. This ensures constant self adjusment of the control mechanism. Uncontrolled flow regulators are the simplest. However, they do not adjust to varying flows and discharge a somewhat varying flow amount.

The following table shows an overview over the different flow regulators:

Type of regulator
Regulating principle

Self powered

Closed/ Open looped control

Pros/ Cons

controlled gate

Water level msrmt. Upstream with US-sensor
open loop
automated blockage release
controlled gate
Q-msrmt. w/ MFM
closed loop
exact control/ rel. high price and space requirement

turbulent flow

step necessary
Pipe regulator
wall friction
low cost
fixed throttle
reduction of cross section
low cost, does not need much space

SGS Aqua Technologies GmbH currently offers flow regulators with open loop control gate "Aqua-Mat- H" and a closed loop control system w/ regulating gate "Aqua-Mat- Q".

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