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The company SGS Aqua Technologies GmbH was founded in late 2007. The focus initially on the development and marketing of products for equipment of retention structures in channel networks. These included primarily automatic cleaning equipment for retention basins and waste water channels, flow regulation systems, Gate Weirs, Screens, and floating baffles.

The first patents were filed. The engineering was organized at SGS, the fabrication and installation was awarded to third parties. The workforce consisted in 2008 of the two managing directors Mathias Geissler and Hubertus Schrage. The first premises, which were purchased in 2008, were still in the house of the manager Mathias Geissler in Schmallenberg.

In order to drive product development better, new premises, right on the site of the main production plant, the Susewind Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Winterberg-Siedlinghausen were purchased in 2009. Since the order situation developed well, the decision to build its own production was in 2010 taken. In the same year was rented the first building on the site of Susewind Kunststofftechnik GmbH and equipped with corresponding machinery. 

Due to the steadily growing order intake in 2011, more employees were hired. Our own production line was expanded in 2011 from a purely mechanical engineering components by the start of production of electric cabinets. From this time orders with Machine and electro technical equipment could now be handled completely in-house.

Thereby, the volume of orders increased in 2012. In order to show at the now widely represented Germany customers the required presence, were in 2012 set in Germany sales staff.

As the demand increased, increasingly, abroad on the products and services of SGS, 2013 contracts with distributors in many European countries were signed. As well in the U.S., as well as in South Korea license agreements were signed. Here are the first products of the SGS are manufactured and distributed under license from the end of 2013.

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